Workforce Demographics


The population of Oro Valley is balanced across all age segments. Residents in Oro Valley enjoy an upscale lifestyle and projections indicate continued, healthy growth. Per capita income is among the highest of any community in Arizona.  

The total population of Oro Valley is 47,070 (2020 Census). This is an increase of 12.2% between 2010 and 2020. Most of Oro Valley residents 25 and over have a high school degree (97.2%) with over half (52%) having a bachelor’s degree or higher. In comparison, the national high school degree rate is 88% and bachelor’s degree or higher rate is 32.1%  

Oro Valley’s median income is $83,341 with a poverty rate of 6.1% and the national median is $62,843 with 11.4% poverty rate. Most of the housing in Oro Valley is single-family detached homes (16,432) and owner-occupied. The median home value of owner-occupied homes is $311,800 and median gross rent is $1,237. The national median home value is $217,500 and median gross rent is $1,062.  


Oro Valley's workforce is diverse and talented. The majority of workers age 16 and older work in a management, business, science or art occupation and 18.5 percent of our STEM workforce is made up of female employees