Workforce Demographics


The population of Oro Valley is balanced across all age segments. Residents in Oro Valley enjoy an upscale lifestyle and projections indicate continued, healthy growth. Per capita income is among the highest of any community in Arizona.  

The population is 48,226 which is an increase of 2.45% from 47,071 in 2020 (U. S. Census Quick Facts).

97.1% of Oro Valley residents 25 and over have a high school degree and over half (56%) having a bachelor’s degree or higher. (U.S. Census Bureau Oro Valley town profile)


Oro Valley’s median income is $92,548 with a poverty rate of 6.7%. The median income in Arizona is $69,056 with a poverty rate of 12.8%.

Income and Earnings.PNG   Poverty.PNG

The majority of workers (age 16 and older) work in management, business, science or arts occupations.